Inara Erdmanis, TEP

Inara Erdmanis, TEP
Formally clinical psychologist and certified psychotherapist (by the Swedish State). 
Born in Riga, Latvia and living in Sweden since WWII. Certified and mainly trained by Zerka Moreno (CP 1982) and TEP by Nordic Board of Examiners (1995); Supervisor and teacher for the European Institute of Psychodrama.
Co-founder of Stockholm Institute for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. 
Founder of the Latvian Moreno Institute and have given education in Latvia since 1989.  Have also given seminars in the other Baltic countries and in Scandinavia and Europe and Ukraine. 
Clinically been working with addiction, abuse, incest, and crisis-intervention and since more than 40 years been a supervisor (within Social Welfare, Psychiatry, and Criminal Justice etc) 
Trained as Body psychotherapist (teacher and supervisor) and integrates it with Psychodrama. Received Family Therapy training mainly by Satir, Kempler, Kirschenbaum and Grammar. 
Co-writer of three books.