Gülşen Büyükşahin

Gülşen Büyükşahin

Psychological Counselor, MA
Psychodramatist (Istanbul Psychodrama Institute)
International Tele`drama Institute Practitioner Level 2
Gülşen Büyükşahin has a bachelor's degree in Psychological Counseling and a master’s degree
in Developmental Psychology. She has worked with children and young people for over 15 years
as a psychological counselor in schools. She conducted individual and group studies in these
schools and at Psychology Centers in Turkey. She attended training courses on various
counseling approaches. She applied various intelligence and development tests to children and
young people. After graduating from Istanbul Zerka Moreno Institute in Turkey as a
psychodrama therapist, she directed psychodrama groups with children, adults and parents for 5
years. She has completed child psychodrama and individual psychodrama training at this
institute. She has experience in developmental problems, emotional development, learning
processes and personal development. She moved to the USA in 2019 and still lives there. She
graduated from the Portland Community College by completing the Academic English courses.
She continues her Teledrama and Psychodrama training at the International Tele`drama Institute;
and is pursuing her certification as a practitioner towards the American Board in Psychodrama,
Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy (ABE).
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Workshops Offered by Tele'Drama Practitioners & Trainers
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