Mala Bali

Mala Bali
Mala, a seasoned Group Worker, Coach, Facilitator, and Certified Psychodramatist based in
India, skillfully integrates psychodrama, design thinking simulations, and psychometric
assessments to create transformative team experiences. As Co-Director at Vedadrama India
and the owner of an independent consulting practice, she orchestrates psychodrama-based
interventions, seamlessly combining diverse methodologies for impactful results.
Mala's expertise in psychodrama spans diverse cultural contexts, acting as a catalyst for
elevating empathetic communication, fostering team cohesion, and establishing psychological
safety. With a collaborative reach spanning over 100 organizations, including partners like
UNICEF, she leverages psychodrama to gain insights into group dynamics, address diverse
perspectives, and create harmonious workplaces.
Her culturally attuned, psychodrama-based methods testify to the invaluable contribution
Mala makes in enhancing interpersonal dynamics and fostering collaboration in professional